Who Wants To Be Paterno?

According to Bill Schackner reporting in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Paterno is a millionaire. Come on now, did we not know that already?

Penn State University football coach Joe Paterno topped $1 million in salary
last year, making him the highest salaried employee at the university, according
to data the school will file under the state’s new Open Records Law.Mr. Paterno’s salary for the period ending in June 30, 2008 was $1,037,322, the university said today.

The disclosure is the fullest accounting yet of the earnings of one of America’s most widely known athletic coaches, though the amount would not include any outside funding that coaches typically receive. It does include a head coach’s bonus and any other bonuses he might receive, as well as compensation from the university for television and radio appearances.

A couple of years ago, the figure was over $500,000, but apparently did not reflect any bonuses or cost of living increases. In the end, though, is his salary really unreasonable given what Paterno has done for Penn State through the decades?

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