Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Father’s Day!

The Big Ten Network has made some awards–and Penn State went home with a few of them.

Best Finish of the Year WINNER: Illinois vs Penn State – Mens Basketball (March 5, 2009)
Men’s Coach of the Year WINNER: JOE PATERNO – Penn State Football
Women’s Coach of the YearWINNER: RUSS ROSE – Penn State Volleyball
Most Courageous PerformanceWINNER: JAMELLE CORNLEY – Penn State Senior Forward

According to WGAL.com, a new restaurant has opened near Shippensburg, named Joe Pa’s Grille . . . but it’s not clear whether Paterno is even aware of it.

Diners at Joe Pa’s Grille will find some of the Penn State coach’s best quotes on the walls. Joe Pa himself will not be there, but his likeness is in the form of a cardboard cut-out.

Paterno is not affiliated with the restaurant in any way officially. In fact, he may not even be aware of it.

Another feature at Joe Pa’s Grille is the Penn State alum signing wall,
which is already filling up with signatures.

Nick Saban recently talked about scheduling. Although this article in Around the Bend is looking at Alabama’s interest in playing Notre Dame, Penn State gets an honorable mention . . .

“Let’s say you had four or five teams,” Saban told the Birminghham News. “Notre Dame, Penn State, (schools) that had some sort of connection with the history and tradition of this school. And you just roll home-and-homes (on and off the schedule) so the fans could relate a little bit and look forward to playing that particular team.”

Continuing, Saban added: “Like maybe we play Penn State this year, Notre Dame next year… Texas, Southern Cal — if you just got those and just kind of rolled (them over). It would make it easier for scheduling, too.”

Again, a caveat that can’t be emphasized enough: Stating a scheduling desire and making it happen, considering all the money at stake for home-game revenues, are entirely different challenges.

Ah, yes. Talk is cheap, but home games pay the bills. But Saban will get his wish as Penn State will play Alabama in 2010-2011 if the Tide don’t come up with another excuse to move the series back.

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