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Charlie Weis is not happy with Big Ten officiating.

Who is, besides THEM and the Buckeyes?

But, you know, about those refs…

“I have to be careful when I say this — I have Big Ten officials coming in this week again,” Weis said Sunday. “But that game left a lot to be desired.”

The ruling of Armando Allen out of bounds on a screen pass that went for a score? “I still haven’t heard anyone tell me there’s any evidence of Armando stepping out of bounds. The way I thought the rule is supposed to be, it’s supposed to be conclusive evidence. I’m perturbed at that call.”

The two seconds off the clock on the last kickoff return of the game?”First it was one second. First it went from 11 (seconds) to 10. Then I complained it went to 9. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything… Their answer to me was they thought that Theo (Riddick) tipped the ball in the field of play on the kick which would then start the clock. I couldn’t really tell whether he did or he didn’t, so I’m going to take their word for it that that happened.”

The universe is now back in sync–the extra seconds THEM added in 2005 have finally been repaid in 2009.

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