End of an Era

Today marks the end of an era for me. It is the first time since 1993, when I was a resident, that I will miss a home football game at Beaver Stadium.

I always thought the only thing that would keep me from a game was my own funeral. Although this might upset some people, I am still alive.

It is not the weather that beat me.

Unfortunately, it is Penn State.

I woke up this morning fully expecting to head out early to make sure I got a space that I had already paid for. There was no need to pack tailgating stuff–we wouldn’t be allowed to put up a tent or have any fun anyway. Just sit in the car for an extra few hours.

But I still wouldn’t get “my spot.” And my dad has knee arthroscopies, and while he is still able to play golf in his 70’s, sitting in the cold is not helpful. My mom just had foot surgery yesterday, and was willing to go IF I could get a spot–normally I am seven rows from the stadium and with the escalator at gate B, getting to my seats is easier for her. But who knows where the parking nazis would force me today.

And the more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I considered taking my gun along, but that would only ensure that I was behind bars before the day was over. I didn’t need some snot nosed, pimple faced kid trying to earn a few bucks for his pizza and beer addiction tell me where to park my car. Worse yet, I didn’t need an officer of the law whose salary I pay with my tax dollars telling me where I can or cannot park, especially after sending over $8,000 to Penn State this year alone.

It would be like the police knocking on my door and throwing me out of my house because there are homeless people that need shelter. I don’t deny they need shelter, but the answer is not to take my shelter away from me. I’m sorry Kate if people can’t afford reserved parking spaces. So those that do should suffer? None of us can be blamed for the weather, but this asinine decision to stab the donors in the back is simply unconscionable.

I would not have enjoyed today, and so I will watch the game on DVR, as my son has a hockey game at 3:30 that I can now actually attend.

Unfortunately this decision brings me no peace. I am still disheartened by my streak ending. While it is not be like losing a good friend to cancer, it is still a loss and for a heinous, random twist of fate.

I hope the University official that made this decision is fired.

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One response to “End of an Era

  1. my god i feel for you, but this is the 2nd time you cried about this subject.. this has happen before in 1995 when state played THEM and the same thing happen with parking so stop your whinning..there was plenty of buses you could've took, now for your parents there are shuttles that would have took them to the gate im sure if you would've contacted psu they would've gave you some info on that, but then again since your mom just had foot surgery im sure going to a penn state game with the weather like it was would'nt have been a good idea..jmo…hope she gets better soon..and one last thing..if you want to be mad at PSU for something,be mad at them for the way they whore themselfs out for the almighty buck..I HATE THE CHAIR BACK SEATS THAT THE SELL FOR THE BLECHER SEATS..someone is going to get hurt because of them

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