Blog Poll Week Seven

I departed this week from a long-standing tradition of keeping the #1 team the same as long as they contiunue winning. Florida was my #1 last week, but quite frankly, I thought Alabama looked better. I’m in a pissy mood, so down go the Gators. Deal with it.

I also had to rank Pitt which didn’t help my mood. But the bastards keep winning somehow, but I’d feel foolish ranking a one-loss Idaho team or a one-loss Central Michigan team. Don’t get me wrong–I THOUGHT ABOUT IT. But I have to admit, the Wannstache would probably beat either of those two teams. So be it. But the Rank Nazi is just waiting for another loss–and then NO RANK FOR YOU!

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 Florida 1
3 Texas
4 Iowa 2
5 Boise State
6 Southern Cal 1
7 TCU 2
8 Cincinnati 2
9 Miami (Florida) 2
10 Penn State 3
11 LSU 1
12 Georgia Tech 8
13 Oklahoma State 2
14 Brigham Young 2
15 Oregon 2
16 Virginia Tech 12
17 Houston 5
18 Ohio State 10
19 Utah 6
20 Pittsburgh
21 West Virginia
22 Kansas 8
24 South Florida 5
25 Texas Tech
Last week’s ballot

Dropped Out: Oklahoma (#18), Nebraska (#21), South Carolina (#23), Missouri (#24).

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