I’m Back . . .

. . . for the moment.

For my loyal readers, I apologize for not posting much recently. Perhaps I could blame it on burnout. Maybe just plain laziness. But since I no longer get paid for doing this, my incentive to continue has dwindled.

And Penn State hasn’t helped things with the unveiling of their STEP plan to generate more money. I don’t have a problem with the concept–those who want the best seats pay the most. It actually makes sense. But what bothers me is that the current tickets I have along with the parking pass cost me $3000 per year in NLC donations. Under this new plan, I will be forced to pay $10,000 for the same number of tickets–and I won’t even have the option of keeping my previous seats, since they are being turned into student seats. I have sat in the same seat since the late seventies, but now that will change. Words cannot express my feelings at this time.

I wish the powers-that-be would have given more thought about this new program, perhaps phasing it in over a period of years. Seriously–$10,000 per year for 12 tickets? I know there are many others who will be affected by these changes. I always considered myself a loyal fan–but this has blind-sided me and depending on where they feel fit to move me, my days of attending games may be over.

But I will continue to post through the bowl game.

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