Award Honors Paterno

The Maxwell Football Club (not to be confused with the Maxwell House Coffee Club) has announced a new award, named in honor of Joe Paterno.

The Maxwell Football Club is establishing the Joseph V. Paterno Award, which will be presented annually to a college football coach who has had a great impact on his university, players, community and state. Specific criteria for the award have yet to be determined.

The 83-year-old Paterno is major college football’s winningest coach with 394 victories over 44 seasons. The Hall of Famer said Friday that he was deeply honored by the newly named award.

Penn State led all Top 25 teams in 2009 with an 89 percent federal graduation rate, according to NCAA data. The Paterno family is also well-known in Happy Valley for philanthropy, including giving more than $4 million to the university during the coach’s tenure to fund endowed faculty positions, scholarships and other academic and building projects.

How many coaches in any sport–or any individual in particular not limited to sports for that matter–can match the list of accolades Paterno has amassed–Hall of Fame, Career victories, statue, Library, and now a prestigious award–and received these honors not only while still alive, but while still active in his profession?

He just keeps Joe-ing and Joeing, and Joeing . . .


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