Coffee Anyone?

Twice in one day.  I must really be special . . .

I’ve heard that you’ve been named PSU poster boy[typical nit fan] because of your filthy, garbage mouth, language, etc. Bet your family, friends, clients, etc. are equally proud of you, getting wacked, losing your column in pennlive & all for such childish, boorish, behavior. I’ll still meet you for coffee this spring when I visit Lewisburg if you like, just in case you have something to say to me. Would dearly love to meet you Toddy.




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3 responses to “Coffee Anyone?

  1. Hey, Little Ricky, and you are little d. It's unfortunate that you need to keep emailing, must have nothing to do in that hick town you live in? It's kind of funny, I can tell how uneducated you are as an individual, just by your statements towards this blogger. Big deal about OSU, educationally wise the school is in the lower tier of the Big 10 according to many publications. Of course you probably weren't accepted into college, nor completed a degree, just based on your statements. I guess you have college envy. Must be tough to be such a loser to keep sending emails criticizing the blogger. You lead such a pathetic life Little Dicky from Hicksville, Ohio (which by the way is most of Ohio).

  2. Keep your chin up Todd, this emailer must have deep seeded issues that need to be addressed. When you are in blogosphere, you gotta enjoy trolls for what they are, simple amusement. Keep posting the emails, I'm getting a kick out of reading them.

  3. Why don't you post this guy's Email on here and let him put up with the garbage, inane Emails for once. Seems like a fitting outcome to me.

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