The Beat(ing) Goes On

Things must be pretty boring in Dick’s world:

Since the buckeyes beat the nits 75% of the time, your basketball team ‘REALLY’ sucks, forget baseball I have an idea Toddy. Take your girls volleyball team, only thing you have to boast about, & let them play mens basketball, I think they would do better for sure. Of course they’d have to wear skirts which is what the boys should be wearing so no big deal. Hey Toddy, how come the Paterno the ultimate phony refuses to play Pitt? Only state where the two top teams[div 1] do not play each other. I know the answer, Joe is afraid to play them especially last couple yrs, they’d whup ya real good & you know it, Non-conf chumps & lower tier big ten teams is what he chooses. B4 big ten entry it was east coast chumps with an occasional good tem thrown in. What phonys, can’t wait till you play Alabama Toddy, can you?

your buckeye buddy Richie

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