Draft Wrap-Up

The NFL draft has come and gone, and for the most part, PSU players did well.  Granted, perhaps not as well as die hard fans would like to see, and some feel Clark might have been slighted, but hey, we still managed more draftees than OSU!

Players taken (round/overall):

Jared Odrick DT 1/28
Sean Lee LB 2/55
Navarro Bowman LB 3/91
Andrew Quarless TE 5/154
Mickey Shuler TE 7/214
Josh Hull LB 7/254

Darryl Clark was initially rumored to have signed as a free agent with Pittsburgh, but subsequent reports have him headed to the Redskins.

For the Big Ten Conference, here’s how the teams did [(x)= first rounders]:

Iowa- 6 (1)
Penn State- 6 (1)
Ohio State 4
Indiana- 3
Illinois- 3
THEM- 3 (1)
Northwestern- 3
Wisconsin- 2
Minnesota- 2
Michigan State- 1
Purdue- 1

And on the BWI Board, GutCheck did some five year research . . .

Over the past five years/drafts, here are the numbers for the Big Ten/Eleven/Twelve/Fourteen:
School – Five Year Total – Five Year Average

Ohio State – 30 – 6
Penn State – 24 – 4.8
Michigan – 21 – 4.2
Notre Dame – 19 – 3.8
Iowa – 18 – 3.6
Wisconsin – 16 – 3.2
Purdue – 13 – 2.6
Michigan State – 11 – 2.2
Minnesota – 8 – 1.6
Illinois – 8 – 1.6
Northwestern – 6 – 1.2
Indiana – 6 – 1.2

So, here are the surprises that I see in those figures:
1. Wow! Illinois is low, for having “super-recruiters” on their staff. Equal to Minnesota.
2. Iowa and Wisconsin always seem to get more out of less, and this supports that general impression.
3. Michigan State is not a player. They have been sending fewer players to the league than Purdue!

Here are the things that are not surprising:
1. Ohio State has had the most talent, as we have seen them put the best team on the field.
2. Penn State is “back”, as indicated by leading Michigan, ND and all other conference members except OSU – even if our totals still don’t exceed the numbers that we sent to the league in the ’90’s and ’80’s.
3. Michigan – lower than expected, and dropping like a rock.

What are your thoughts on the draft?

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