Orange ya Glad . . .

We play Alabama this season instead of Syracuse?  Granted, it’s probably a loss–a train wreck waiting to happen–but surely more exciting than the last two meetings with Syracuse.

But have no fear. If squeezing oranges is your thing, Penn State will oblige.  According to this press release, Penn State will open the 2013 season with Syracuse at the Meadowlands, and is looking to schedule a two-game series in 2020-21.

“We are thrilled about the opportunity to play Syracuse at the New Meadowlands Stadium to open the 2013 season,” Curley said.

Sorry, but thrilled is not the word that leapt to my mind.  Fans being asked to fork out megabucks under the new STEP program will have an OOC slate of such marquee matchups as this, Virginia and Rutgers to look forward to in the nxt five years.  How about that for bang for your buck?  Since we only ever play ONE home and away series every two years, is it really too much to ask for that we schedule teams like Notre Dame (*), USC, Texas, or fill-in whatever Top 20 program you want to like Alabama this year and next?  I don’t know about you, but Syracuse just doesn’t make up for a steady diet of Kent, Indiana and Youngstown States.   Or maybe the powers that be think that the addition of Nebraska will beef up the schedule enough that fans won’t notice the OOC slate?  I guess we should be happy that we can’t schedule Temple twice in the same year!

(*) For you astute readers, I fully understand that Notre Dame is not a Top 20 program, but this has always been an exicitng game and we must never pass up the opportunity to beat the Irish.


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