Recruiting Update: Mangiro

Per Fight on State:

Angelo Mangiro announced on Sunday at the Horseshoe Lake Senior Center in Succasunna that he will play his collegiate football for Penn State. Rated a four-star prospect by, Mangiro is also Scout’s fifth best offensive guard nationally in the Class of 2011. He made his selection over a list of finalists that included Rutgers, Pittsburgh and Ohio State. He also had offers from programs like Florida, USC, UCLA, North Carolina, Boston College and Maryland.

That’s the best news I’ve heard in a while!

I was talking to a fellow Penn Stater this weekend and the conversation eventually came around to whether or not I was concerned about the slow start to recruiting.  I am to some extent, but we are going to have a relatively small class this year.  And its not likely we’re going to land a big name QB with the talent already here.  This translates into a class that will not likely be top 10–perhaps not even top 20, no matter where the chips fall and who comes.  My expectations are tempered by reality.

That said, I do not think Paterno’s health is an issue, at least not anymore than any other season of recent record.  I do wish Paterno would take a more active role in recruiting and making visits, but that is not my call to make.  Hopefully this is the spark that this recruiting class needs to get going!

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