Weekly Game Guide

Brought to you by the makers of Spud Lite (TM), a low calorie, foul tasting Vodka made with Boise State potatoes.  Don’t just make it a light–make it a Spud Lite!

Bottoms up as you watch your favorite high school team under the lights tonight, or just kick back and enjoy the best of Big Least football.

So Whom Do We Root for this week?

Obviously, we are rooting against the Illini, who come into Beaver Stadium for homecoming a 7.5 point dog.

Michigan State takes on little brother THEM in the OutHouse.  Denard Robinson is a 5 point favorite.  Go Sparty!  And if facing your in-state rival isn’t pressure enough, a life may hang in the balance.  Major Hester, a MSU fan, has delayed having a pacemaker until after the game Saturday, saying that  he can’t risk something going wrong on the operating room table that would keep him from seeing this game.  Now that’s a true fan.  I hope the game isn’t too close or exciting!

The Buckeyes are big favorites over the Hoosiers (25 points.)  Little hope, but hey, Go Hoosiers anyway!

Wisconsin is a 20 point favorite over the hapless Gophers.  We don’t play the Badgers, so GO GOPHERS!

Northwestern is a 10.5 favorite over the Bopilermakers.  Go Wildcats!  Stuff Perdue!

Iowa is off before facing THEM on the road next week.

In other games of interest:

Big Ten 2 B Cornhuskers took KState out to the woodshed last night, 44-13.

The Irish host Pitt and are 6 point favorites.  Who do we root for?  How about an Irish win in quadruple OT?

Alabama is an 8 point favorite over Spurrier’s gamecocks.  Can the Ol’ ball coach pull off the upset?

Boise State is a 38.5 point favorite over Toldeo?  They might score a hundred.

Prior opponents:

Temple is a 1.5 dog to Northern Illinois.  GO OWLS!

Kent State is a 16.5 point fave over the Akron Zips.  GO FLASHES!

YSU takes on North Dakota State, the team that upset Kansas to open their season.  GO PENGUINS!

And yes, the Penguins lost to the Fryers 3-2, adding more suckage to my sports life.

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