Me-Cheat-Again Hit with Probation

According to ESPN, the NCAA has added a third year of probation to the THEM’s self-imposed penalty for exceeding practice hour limits.

The NCAA added a a third year of probation Thursday for practice and training violations, but didn’t decide that Rodriguez had failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance with NCAA rules.

The NCAA also ordered Rodriguez to attend a rules seminar.

Michigan announced in May that self-imposed sanctions included probation for two years and reduced training time by 130 hours over two years, double the amount of time by which the Wolverines exceeded NCAA rules.

The school admitted in May it was guilty of four violations and defended Rodriguez against a fifth charge in August.

Michigan’s self-imposed sanctions included reprimanding Rodriguez and six others, trimming the number of assistants — the so-called quality-control staff — from five to three and banning them from practices, games or coaching meetings.
“There will be no appeals,” he [athletic director Dave Brandon] said.

Rules Seminar?  Is this like an AA meeting? 

My name is Rich Rodriguez . . . and I’m a cheater.

Hi Rich!

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