Weekly Game Guide

The Nittany Lions are an 18 point dog to the Columbus Pryors.  Can JoePa and Co. follow up a record tying comeback with a record setting upset?  Tressel is 2-4 coming off a bye.  I am cautiously optimistic but I don’t know why.

Tonight, the Pitt Panthers take on UConn on ESPN.  The panthers are favored by 5.5 points, but are 0-2 in Thursday night games this year (Utah/Miami).  Let’s Go Huskies!

In the Big Ten:

Iowa is a 10 point favorite on the road in Evanston.  GO WILDCATS!

THEM is favored by 13 over the Boilermakers.  GO BOILERS!

The Badgers are favored by 21.5 over the Hoosiers.  Indiana is due to bite someone.  I hope it is this weekend and not the next!  GO HOOSIERS!

The Illini are favored by 21 over the hapless Gophers.  Yeah, whatever.

The Spartans have a bye.

In other games of interest:

Cam Newton is favored by 8.5 over Georgia.  GO BULLDOGS!

Boise State is favored by a lot (34.5) over Idaho.  GO BRONCOS!

Utah is favored by 5.5 over the Irish.  GO UTES!

In games featuring previous PSU opponents:

Alabama is favored by 13.5 over Mississippi State.  GO TIDE!

Temple plays Ohio next Tuesday.  GO OWLS!

Kent State and Army are a pick.  GO FLASHES!

YSU (3-7) play their final game against Indiana State.  GO PENGUINS!


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