Land Grant Lost

The Spartans apparently prevailed over Penn State 28-22.  I was unable to see the game and have not had the chance to see it on DVR.  Due to circumstances, I will be unable to recap the game until later in the week–Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest–and by that time it is old news and probably not worth the effort.  We shall see.

Better yet, let me know in the comment section–should I bother to watch the game and is it worth blogging a recap?



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5 responses to “Land Grant Lost

  1. Maybe a recap on the entire season or your perspective on the seniors graduating would be more fruitful by then. I was at the game yesterday and will be saying something about it sometime today but am sort of at a loss for words myself even after witnessing it. The last three minutes were entertaining. Other than that it was downright ugly.

  2. Skip the first three quarters and watch the end. They never gave up and it was an entertaining game at the end.

  3. Win or lose, I always look forward to your recaps.

  4. C'mon, Todd. Post something about the game. I always enjoy your sarcasm and you usually pick up on some things that I completely miss. Don't bother watching the first half, as it completely sucked. However, on PSU's opening drive of the second half, the idiots on the sidelines made one of the most ridiculous third-and-one calls ever. While PSU completely lost Big Mo there, the second half was entertaining, in a frustrating sort of way.–TNT

  5. I agree with those above. I always enjoy your recaps and sarcasm.

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