Big Change Coming to Happy Valley

Guido D’Elia let it slip.  There’s going to be a major shake-up in Penn State football.

New play?

New Coach?

No more Sweet Caroline?

Bigger than those baby!  Penn State is changing it’s uniform!

Give me a break. It’s the off season, so this is what we have to discuss.

According to CBS Eye on College Football:

Penn State likely will tweak the appearance of its home and road uniform this fall, according to Guido D’Elia, the director of communications and branding for the football team.

Speaking to a class at Penn State, D’Elia indicated the home-uniform white trim around the neck and on the sleeves would be eliminated. Also, the road-uniform blue trim would be eliminated.

You can see a picture on the Morning Call’s blog comparing the uniforms of yesterday and today, which now since things are reversed and today’s uniform is going to look like yesterday’s, that would make yesterday today, which would make me think I’m arguing with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

Speaking of Ducks, thank God we don’t have uniforms like they do.  One blog says Oregon uses it as a recruiting tool.  Seriously?!  Kids actually make one of the biggest decisions of their lives such as which school to go to, based on whether they think the uniforms are COOL???  No wonder Oregon couldn’t beat Auburn!  Probably too worried about getting their dress greens all dirty.

And at least the “new” PSU uni’s won’t be eyesores like Virginia Tech’s uni’s.  Those are some nasty looking garments if ever I saw some.  Of course, when you start out with puke orange and bloody stool maroon as your color theme, it kind of limits how aesthetic the final product is going to be no matter who designs the outfit.  Betsy Ross would have shot herself before she would have used that color combination for a flag.

The concern here is that Penn State will be TOO plain.  Maybe Guido is trying to stir up some magic of Penn State football from the seventies with this change.  Good luck with that, because I fear those days are long gone.  They ARE long gone.  Forty years!


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2 responses to “Big Change Coming to Happy Valley

  1. LOL. Uniforms. Who cares? Just keep the names off the back of the jerseys and win more games!

  2. @Carolyn Todd,tsk tsk, very not good suggestion there. keep in mind that uniforms also gives players or anyone courage during the event. people who have great uniforms also reflects their game.Smith | cheap work clothes

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