Four More Years

Like a political slogan that rolls around during election, the phrase has been thrown out there again by Paterno, according to this article by Mark Wogenrich.

Joe Paterno has been declaring his future plans as “four more years” since at least 1986, when he told then-Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz as much before their game in South Bend. Twenty-five years later, the Penn State coach maintains the same timeline.

“Right now, I’m looking at four or five years,” Paterno said Thursday in Chicago. “I may be optimistic, I don’t know.”

Another stalker reporter writes about the rejuvenated JoePa at

The word is Paterno is working out – speed-walking, actually – like a mad man so he can run out of the tunnel for that opening game.

Paterno came over to the car, peered in and after a few seconds realized it was Okoli.

“Hey Coach,” Okoli said. “Do you need a ride?”

“Can’t you see I’m exercising?” Paterno snorted, and walked off in a huff.

My buddy kept an eye on Paterno as the coach headed off in full stride. Paterno walked straight down the street, then suddenly crossed over to the other side.

Apparently the icon noticed an attractive (my friend says) young woman out gardening in her front yard. Paterno stopped and chatted with her.

When the conversation ended a short while later, Paterno headed down the walk a bit, then crossed back over the street to his original path, the diversion obviously – my friend says – worth the detour.

Hope Sue doesn’t read about that!
Early reports coming out of Big Ten Media Day indicate that Paterno is looking better than a year ago.

Will the team look better as well?


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