Banned in Ohio

I apologize that this may seem like old news, but I am a little behind in blogging right now.
ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg wrote on July 26th that Terrell Pryor had been banned from Ohio State for five years.

Ohio State on Tuesday declared Terrelle Pryor ineligible for the 2011 season and banned the former starting quarterback from associating with the program for five years.
The school’s decision was exactly what Pryor wanted.

We are not shocked are we?  Most people would consider being banned from their alma mater a “bad thing.”  Not Mr. Pryor.  Not when it serves his purposes.  Apparently Mr. It’s-All-About-Me-I-Want-My-Name-On-My-Jersey is looking to use this to qualitfy for the NFL supplemental draft.

Pryor’s attorney Larry James asked Ohio State for a letter stating that the quarterback wouldn’t have been eligible for the entire 2011 season, rather than just suspended for the first five games for selling memorabilia items to Edward Rife. In order to be eligible for the NFL’s supplemental draft, Pryor needed to show that his circumstances with Ohio State had changed significantly after the Jan. 15 deadline to apply for the NFL’s regular draft.

But as Lee Corso would say, Not So Fast.

Bill Williamson of ESPN’s NFL Nation Blog wrote yesterday that Terrell Pryor won’t be participating in the supplemental draft.
Well, we can forget the notion of Terrelle Pryor becoming an Oakland Raider this season.
ESPN’s John Clayton is reporting that the former Ohio State quarterback is ineligible for the supplemental draft.

Clayton’s link is a Tweet saying:

There may not be a supplemental draft this year because Terrelle Pryor isn’t eligible and they may not be any players to select

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a cheater actually punished for his mistake?  But I won’t hold my breath until after the NFL season starts and Pryor is still not on a roster.  If there’s a way fro TP to come out on top, I’m sure he will find it.


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