Time to Pop Some Corn

Lost amid this media circus is the fact that Penn State has a football game this Saturday against the University of Nebraska.  The Huskers are favored by 2.

Step back from the ledge . . .

I apologize, but this is a football blog.

I think we all need to take a deep breath and step back from the situation for a moment. 

It is a tragedy. 

It is natural to feel horrified.  Sickened.  Betrayed.  Disillusioned.  Mad.  Confused.

Innocent children have been potentially–I’ll even go so far as to say likely–preyed upon and scarred forever.  Those who we believe to be men of integrity appear to have dropped the ball in protecting these victims; perhaps even enabling this monster should he be found guilty of these crimes.

But I think people are over-reacting.  Let’s look at some comments from BWI:

KnoxNittany2.0 writes:   After reading the GJ report last night I burned my Penn State flag.  I didn’t burn my diploma, as I received a great education there. However, the flag flying on my house, the house where my children live…..I just couldn’t see flying that any more. . . I will still root for this current team, which got dealt one hell of hand these last three games to deal with….but a major phase of my Penn State fandom has died and it will take quite awhile to get it back.

Did you burn your United States flag when Nixon resigned?  When Clinton didn’t understand the meaning of sexual relations?  I’m glad you didn’t burn your diploma because seriously, what does Sandusky’s conduct have to do with the work you performed in class, the dedication of your professors, or any of your college experience for that matter?  Current professors should not be ashamed to work at Penn State–it is still a fine institution of learning.  Students should not be ashamed to go there.  I don’t condemn the Heisman people and boycott their annual award because they gave it to someone like OJ Simpson. They have no control over how winners conduct themselves later in life.

INtheValley08 asks:  Think my [autographed] ball has depreciated in value some?

I don’t know . . . how’s it hanging?  Did Pete Rose’s memorabilia drop in value?  OJ Simpson’s?  As PennStateClips pointed out, it might actually INCREASE in value.  Where do people come up with questions like this?

One person said they called and cancelled their season tickets, but I can’t find that thread at the moment.  Ok–found it on another board.  And that will help these kids . . . how???

grinagrin asks:  Does anyone else think that they should shut down the rest of the season…until things get more solved and more questions are answered? Football and the B1G title should be the last thing on anyone’s mind right now. I know that as a diehard, I could care less about the game this Saturday. How can I watch and see Big Red’s mug regularly throughout the game and not help but think that this coward kept things quiet for 9 years…I’ll be so disgusted.

Seriously?  Why don’t we just close the University.  Send all the students home or transfer their credits to other institutions that have perfect people who never make mistakes.  We can sell off Beaver Stadium and all the University property to offset taxpayer losses and reimburse the injured for their suffering.

Again, I repeat, THIS IS A TRAGEDY.  But guess what folks, this shit happens all the time.  While you’re sitting here reading this, kids (and wives and men) are being abused–physically, emotionally and sexually–all over this world.  Maybe in the house next door.  Are you doing anything about that???  People are dying of hunger.  Are you heading over to make a hefty donation to the World Hunger Fund?  Where is your righteous indignation????  Should we be demanding resignations from University presidents–prime ministers and world leaders–because they are not doing enough to fight World Hunger?  PEOPLE ARE DYING!  How about slavery?  Civil War in Africa.  Drug Lords killing innocent bystanders/tourists in Columbia or Mexico.  Poverty.  I could go on and on. 

Aren’t we all guilty of looking the other way or pretending that there isn’t evil in this world because it doesn’t directly affect us?

The LAW is going to deal with Jerry Sandusky, and hopefully anyone who played a role in allowing this to happen/continue.  Hopefully the victims will eventually receive compensation for their suffering, for therapy and for medical care.  But no one has even been convicted of anything yet.  That is the way it works in this country. 

None of the players on this team have anything to do with this whole tragedy.  They have worked their butts off in practice and in the classroom–some have been aspiring to this since they played PeeWee football–and they deserve our support.  I am proud of this team and I am proud of this University. I am not proud of Jerry Sandusky if the accusations lead to a conviction.  I’m not proud of the way the University handled things, but it appears things were handled properly up to the level of the AD and he now has to explain himself in court.

Could more have been done?  Probably.  Should more have been done?  Probably.  But it is too easy for us to be critical because WE WEREN’T THERE.  None of us will know what kind of shock the GA had when he discovered this situation.  Had he stepped into that shower to stop what was going on, Sandusky could have accused him and it would have been his word against the other.  How many times have you heard about people being mugged in broad view in New York and no one stopping to help?  Until you are actually in that situation, can you really demand a certain behavior from others?  The GA did what he was supposed to do.

I feel sickened at the thought of the alleged victims in all this.  But me not going to the game or singing the Alma Mater, or taking down my flag, or not wearing my Penn State clothing, or cancelling my tickets or withholding my NLC contribution won’t change what has happened.  Doing these things does not condone what has happened.  Another thing lost in all this is ALL THE GOOD that The Second Mile accomplished for hundreds/thousands of kids. That doesn’t make what happened to these victims right or any less sickening, but I have seen people saying they will never donate to the organization again. You are hurting other kids by doing this!

We can only pray that the victims will be okay and that JUSTICE will be done. 

In the meantime, we have a game this Saturday.  Our team needs us.  And I think, despite this situation, we beat some Husker butt!




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2 responses to “Time to Pop Some Corn

  1. Thank you for the level-headed and thoughtful response to this horrendous situation!

  2. Didn't Sandusky beat enough "husky butt" already…

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