A New Beginning

Tomorrow will be the dawning of a new era in Penn State football, although like Ben Franklin, many are wondering if the sun is rising or setting.

The players will be the same.

But it won’t be the same.  It will never be the same.

Tomorrow, Tom Bradley will begin his audition.  He has three very difficult games to coach, and must do so in less than ideal circumstances.  I do not think the BOT has any intention of keeping any coaches after this season, but who knows at this point.  They are just a bunch of whacky, crazy guys.

But Tom has the opportunity to show that he can be a head coach, if not here then elsewhere.  There isn’t much time.  The competition is unfairly tough.  The distractions make his task monumental.

Will Tom Bradley lead this team to victory?

Will the players arise to the occasion?

I’m sure the fans will support this team either way.

But if Bradley manages the trifecta of beating Nebraska, Ohio State and Wisconsin, it will be very difficult not to give him due consideration as the next head coach.

The first test is tomorrow.  Can he get past Bo?


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