Guilt By Association

It is simply incredible what has happened to Penn State since Sandusky was charged.  Keep in mind through all this, he has maintained his innocence, and no one has been convicted of any wrong doing.  The only two people fired by Penn State (Paterno and Spanier) were NOT INDICTED.

David Brooks admonishes us all to feel superior.

First came the atrocity, then came the vanity. The atrocity is what Jerry Sandusky has been accused of doing at Penn State. The vanity is the outraged reaction of a zillion commentators over the past week, whose indignation is based on the assumption that if they had been in Joe Paterno’s shoes, or assistant coach Mike McQueary’s shoes, they would have behaved better. They would have taken action and stopped any sexual assaults.

Even in cases where people consciously register some offense, they still often don’t intervene. In research done at Penn State and published in 1999, students were asked if they would make a stink if someone made a sexist remark in their presence. Half said yes. When researchers arranged for that to happen, only 16 percent protested.

In another experiment at a different school, 68 percent of students insisted they would refuse to answer if they were asked offensive questions during a job interview. But none actually objected when asked questions like, “Do you think it is appropriate for women to wear bras to work?”

So many people do nothing while witnessing ongoing crimes, psychologists have a name for it: the Bystander Effect. The more people are around to witness the crime, the less likely they are to intervene.

Unfortunately, the court of public opinion moves much faster than actual courts, and is not subject to the constraints of something silly like the Constitution.  Penn State  (and those apparently affiliated with the University) are apparently guilty until proven innocent to wit:

Alphalion75 writes on BWI:

This morning, my manager asked to meet with me…..

She knows I’m a Penn State grad….and simply wanted to give me some advice not to put up any PSU items in my workspace and not to make it public where I went to school……for my own protection. I told her, no disrespect and I appreciate the advice, but I’m “Penn State Proud” and she can dismiss me if she wants, I’m not going to take down my Penn State flag for anyone….the gall of some people.

Franco Harris responded to the firing of Paterno by supporting the venerable coach.  What did he get for his valor?

The fallout of the Jerry Sandusky sexual-abuse scandal have taken down another Penn State man.
Not for what he did, but for what he said.
The Meadows Race Track and Casino has fired former Penn State and Steelers great Franco Harris as a spokesman for his support of Joe Paterno.

Apparently, you are NOT allowed to have an opinion in America anymore.  At least one that your boss does not share.  It get worse . . .
Gregory White tells The Daily Collegian he will never hire a Penn Stater.

I am sickened beyond belief by the disgusting support of pedophilia shown by Penn State students. To go as far as to riot by the thousands in support of people who did little to nothing to protect young children is inhuman.

As this seems to be the majority or at least not a minority of the student body morals I have had my corporation’s staff working this holiday weekend to go through all employee files. Anyone who went to Penn State will have their final checks waiting for them Monday morning and no one from Penn State will ever be hired by any company I run in the future!

Gregory White
Austin, Texas

Are you kidding me????  Having a college degree is now grounds for being fired?

Did you know that Jeffrey Dahmer spent a semester at Ohio State (before failing out)?  Check out his picture–he even has the Buckstache!  Don’t hire any Ohio State graduates unless you support cannibalism!  The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski went to Harvard, Michigan and taught at Berkley.  Don’t hire anyone from those schools unless you support mail bombings!

Didn’t anyone ever teach these people that two wrongs don’t make a right?  Punishing innocent students/faculty members does not atone or make up for the horrific acts which allegedly have been committed.  Can’t we just let the courts handle the punishment?

Advertisers are getting in on the flagellation, as has pulled advertising on ESPN for Penn State games.  And Citizen’s Bank has decided not to hand out the buttons for the final two games:

In light of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, Citizens Bank is reportedly stopping distribution of Penn State football buttons for away contests at Ohio State and Wisconsin.

The slogans for the buttons were to be “Much Ado About Nuttin'” for Ohio State and “Brie ’em to Their Knees” for Wisconsin.

Granted, the slogans could be construed to have other meanings, but come on.  They’re football buttons, and have never been intended to have political or social commentaries.  Only the narrow minded, who have already passed judgement, and like David Brooks said above, have decided that they are morally superior to all those involved, would have a problem with these buttons.

They have removed Paterno’s name from the Big Ten Championship Trophy.

And, as if things can’t get any worse, Rick Chandler warns fans to enjoy Paterno’s statue while they can.

And I know just what you are wondering?  Who is Sandusky anyway?


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2 responses to “Guilt By Association

  1. I think it was probably wise to pull the "Much Ado About Nuttin'" button. That's a little too close for comfort. Otherwise, yeah, we are dealing with a whole new trial by media reality with the bloggers, twitter, facebook, etc. in addition to regular media outlets. Rumors about employers pulling job offers have not been validated, at least at Smeal. Off to Ohio State tomorrow. Glad the student leadership has made a statement to students about supporting Penn State fans.

  2. Have a Great Trip, Carolyn! Hope you bring back a W.

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