The father of a current Crimson Tide player got his foot caught under a rug and sent the National Championship Crystal Trophy to the floor.  All of Saban’s horses, and all of his men, couldn’t put the trophy together again.

This is why your mom told you not to play football in the house

The handmade trophy sculpted in Ireland is valued at $30,000. The university previously had two such trophies, one at the Paul W. Bryant Museum and the other at the athletic facility. A university spokesman confirmed that they will immediately begin the process of replacing the trophy.

The crystal football has been a fragile piece in recent years. In 2008, Florida had its broken when then-recruit Orson Charles fumbled the ball away. In 2004, Florida State had a pair of trophies stolen from a glass case outside of coach Bobby Bowden’s office during renovation of the building.

So one has to wonder who the starting player is, and will he still be a player next fall?  I hope there isn’t a lot of competition at his spot!


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