Will You Vote?

I’m not talking about the elections in November.  I’m talking about something important.

To Gameday or Not to Gameday.  That is the question.

ESPN started a contest where fans of various schools could vote for their team.  The winning school would then be host to a Gameday commercial on their campus.  WooHoo!  Didn’t I tell you this was important!

According to CornNation, though, some schools tried to cheat.

Voting in ESPN’s College GameDay Campus Commercial Contest was halted Tuesday after a inauspicious first day of voting. Voting was fast and furious in the early stages, and the numbers were staggering. By 11:00 pm Monday night, North Carolina State and Texas A&M were well out in the lead with over 400,000 votes each. For comparison, Nebraska only had 56,771 votes at that point. Was that a sign of the fervor of Wolfpack or Aggie fans? Hardly.

It was a sign of just how badly ESPN implemented this contest. It was just begging to be hacked, and that’s just what a few N.C. State and Texas A&M fans did. Within a few hours, ESPN began restricting voting, but the damage was done. Tuesday morning, ESPN completely stopped the voting, posting the following message:

We’ve Been Overwhelmed With The Fan Response! We’re Taking a Time Out to Ensure the Integrity of the Vote. Check Back for Updates.

CornNation notes in a more recent entry that the contest will be back on come May 1st.

But now that begs the question:  will you vote for PSU?

At first, I thought this was a no-brainer.  Don’t we always want Penn State to win, whether it is a mascot contest, helmet contest or cutest cheerleader contest?

But then I saw some comments on one of the message boards.  ESPN has shown Penn State no love, and their coverage of the Penn State Jerry Sandusky scandal was, well, to put it bluntly, scandalous.  The New York Times may have leaked the Grand Jury presentment, but ESPN led the charge against Dear Old State and Joe Paterno with torches and pitchforks.

So it appears many fans would just as soon NOT have ESPN on our campus.

Where do you stand?

Seriously, I hate to sound like I’m complaining or ungrateful, but there’s an article on Black Shoe Diaries that has 171 comments!  Granted, I probably don’t even get that many hits most days weeks months, but how come when people come here, it’s like the cat’s got their tongue computer?


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