Buckeyes Get Burned

A THEM recruit, Logan Tuley-Tillman, has burned the Buckeyes before he even steps foot in THEM Stadium in Ann Arbor.

Apparently, the whimsical, fun-loving recruit tweeted a picture he took burning an envelope from Ohio State. 

The highly touted offensive tackle from Peoria, Ill., has committed to the Wolverines‘ 2013 recruiting class, and posted the photo Saturday.

”I wanted to do it and send a message because people kept saying I was going to flip to Ohio,” Tuley-Tillman said. ”I don’t know why they sent me that letter when they know I’m committed to Michigan. I don’t like the state of Ohio or that school. I can’t wait to play them.”

Don’t you just have to love kids these days!  He doesn’t even like the state of Ohio!  Michigan is a much nicer state.  Not.

I imagine the Buckeyes can’t wait to play you, Logan.

Fox Sports reports on the backlash:

Tuley-Tillman told Yahoo! Sports that he has received death threats from Ohio State fans since posting the photo.

“There have been a couple death threats,” he told the website. “And they’ve been sending my mom messages on Facebook. I just told her you can’t listen to it because it’s one of the biggest rivalries in [Michigan-Ohio] sports.”

Logan talks about his trip to Columbus . . .

He told Yahoo! Sports that his experience with Ohio State fans while in Columbus led to his decision to commit to the Wolverines.

“I was up there and the fans were cussing me out and they were saying ‘(expletive) you’ and stuff like that while I was walking through the mall,” he told the website, while admitting that he was wearing a Michigan hat. “It wasn’t like in my face. They were like saying things and then would power walk away. One of them actually threw something at me, but it didn’t hit me. So, that’s how it started.”

You wore a THEM hat to your visit in Columbus?  Isn’t that just begging inisisting asking for trouble with a capital T? I hope it wasn’t the quarterback who threw something at you and missed!

We just have to hope that lighting dog poop isn’t illegal in Illinois!


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