Penn State is Credible

This conclusion is drawn by Temple Football Forever.  Truth be told, there aren’t many blogs about Temple football (and there is probably a really good reason for this.)  Doesn’t forever seem like a terribly long time?  Almost reminds one of purgatory, only it lasts longer.  But I digress.

According to TFF:

Penn State is largely an outsider getting insider treatment. [from the Philadelphia media] 

I have a feeling Penn State will be an afterthought very soon, but the Lions’ 34-7 win over a solid Navy program gave them some credibility that it did not have after losses to Ohio and Virginia. 

Penn State is credible now. 

I don’t think they will be by the time the Owls next face them on Aug. 30, 2014. Two years of 15 scholarships will do that to a program. 

So this is the year to beat Penn State.

Get your after-thoughts here!  I would think that 2014 would be the year, since PSU will supposedly be less credible then, but I guess that won’t be a marquee victory for the Hooters like this year should be.  Either way, I think the plan is to kick us when we’re down.  Reading on confirms their evil plan–win now while we’re on the way down, not after we’ve crashed at the bottom . . .

The Lions can still lose to Temple this year and finish with a respectable season in the Big 10.

Despite the defections, they have enough talent leftover to be dangerous the rest of the way.

More defections and lack of scholarships will take a larger toll in ensuing years.

The next time they lose to Temple, they will be struggling to 1- and 2-win seasons.

If the Owls want a win over Penn State to mean anything, they better take advantage of the opportunity now.

This is pretty heavy prognostication from the supporter of a team that just returned to the Big Least conference in time to celebrate its demise.  Temple is like the stranded castaway being saved by a boat that ultimately crashes on the reef as it leaves the island.  They’ll be sitting in the dust watching the tail lights as Pitt and Syracuse move on as fast as they can get out of Dodge.  But do you see what I’ve done here again?  I’ve gone and digressed.

And don’t think I didn’t notice that little gem about PSU having a respectable season in the Big Ten even if they lose to Temple.  While Temple might be able to handle Indiana with no problem, I don’t see any other Big Ten team that would consider the Mighty Owls a threat to their season.  If Penn State can’t beat Temple, I don’t think it follows that we could have a good Big Ten season.  If I can’t beat my amateur neighbor at golf, I surely wouldn’t have a good season on the tour against the likes of Tiger Woods if you catch my drift.

My faith in my football team is my weakness.  His overconfidence is his.

In his Monday post, he writes about their “secret weapons.”

Temple travels to Penn State on Saturday afternoon (3:30, ABC Regional) and brings with it a couple of “secret” weapons in Kevin Newsome and Montel Harris. 

Secret to Temple fans because they only saw Harris play a couple of downs against Villanova and Newsome hasn’t played a down yet on offense or defense. 

Both, though, are great athletes and potential playmakers who can make a difference against Penn State.

So that’s where Newsome ended up.  I guess it was a secret.  Or I didn’t care.  If he hasn’t played defense since high school, I really can’t say that I am concerned about him becoming an All-American safety by this Saturday.  In fact, that might work to our benefit.  Can they also convert a punter to defensive back?  But shhhh.  I’d keep that a secret too.

So did Penn State’s win over a solid Navy team lend it credibility, or is that just rhetoric for “I’m worried about Temple having a chance now?”

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