Payback the Poachers!

According to DeadSpin:

The NCAA’s sanctions allow PSU players to transfer without having to sit out a year, and the schools must inform Penn State of their intention to pursue players, which has resulted in a flurry of faxes and emails to Penn State’s compliance office.

“Our players are in our building right now and they don’t want to leave the building because there are coaches from other schools in the parking lot waiting to see them,” said O’Brien, who spent the morning at ESPN’s Bristol, Conn., campus.

As they boarded a plane Wednesday morning to go to Bristol, O’Brien and his colleagues walked past a group of six coaches carrying University of Illinois bags and suitcases. A Penn State official told that no words were exchanged between O’Brien and the Illinois contingent. … Illinois assistant athletic director Kent Brown acknowledged a group of Fighting Illini coaches are on Penn State’s campus to recruit “a player or two — maybe more.”

Well isn’t that special?

Illinois opened as a 1.5 point favorite.  I hope the Penn State team pays back the Illini for their little hunting trip in State College.

Coach Beckman’s Favorite Home Away From Home

Although, I guess it isn’t really poaching or stealing since this new practice of “recruiting” is fully ordained (encouraged) and blessed by the NCAA with the full authority of the Gospel According to Freeh.  But you can call it what you want . . . it’s sleazy and despicable and I hope we kick some Illini ass for even showing up in State College like a bunch of hungry, desperate vultures.


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