Our Wife: Their Wife


Yahoo Sports reported that a pizza delivery guy was fired from his job after delivering a pizza to Buckeye Assistant Coach Luke Fickell’s house.  The man “joked” to Mrs. Fickell that the Buckeye defense needs to improve its tackling (which, apparently, it does.)  This angered her and after a call to the pizza shop, the man is now unemployed.

But according to Lost Letterman, Ohio State has a different story.  (Those are not our tattoos.  There is no video issue.  You saw nothing.)

Ohio State refuted that claim in a statement: “The manager found out about the incident. The manager called the Fickells. Just like they did not place a call to complain, they also did not ask that anyone be fired. All they did was order pizza.”

So who do you believe?


Coach Mac McWorther’s wife helps out preparing Penn State players.  According to the Altoona Mirror:

Part of coach Bill O’Brien’s coaching philosophy is to have a family orientated program. O’Brien sometimes allows coaches’ children and spouses to attend practice, and he tries to make the team have a family friendly feel to it.

Becky McWorther, or Mamma Hog as she is affectionately known to the offensive linemen, is one of the wives that loves being around the players.

McWorther said on a conference call Wednesday that his wife even hugs every linemen after practice, no matter how sweaty or smelly they are.
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Mamma Hog has a Friday ritual where she cooks up what McWorther described as hot treats for the linemen for them to have before the next day’s game.

The ingredients in those treats remain a mystery, however.

“There are some things that she cooks up, and there are special ingredients in those things that allow them to play at a high level,” McWorther joked on a conference call Wednesday. “I would really have to kill you if I told you what was in them, it is that secret.”

In addition to cooking the treats for her hogs, Mamma Hog also prepares a speech for the players that tells them what the food will allow them to do the following day’s game.

So which would you rather have?  A humorless cut throat, or hot tasty treats and a hug?

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