It’s a Start!

For the first time since November 2011, I have some REAL good news to pass on.

It appears the hard work of “restoring” Penn State’s image is starting to pay off.  (Penn Staters already know that there never was a problem with the image until the attorney general and the media lit a fire that could not be quenched without a blood sacrifice.) 

But be that as it may be, the walls are starting to crumble, freeing the Penn State football program from penalties it never deserved.

From the NCAA’s own site:

Due to Penn State University’s continued progress toward ensuring athletics integrity, the NCAA Executive Committee is gradually restoring football scholarships the university lost because of sanctions more than a year ago. These changes were endorsed by the Division I Board of Directors and based on the recommendation of George Mitchell, the independent Athletics Integrity Monitor for Penn State and former U.S. Senator.

We can bicker all we want about whether Penn State ever stopped ensuring athletic integrity, but this is still a crucial step in making the football program competitive again.  We can worry about semantics later.  The following graphic shows the restoration:

Penn State scholarships gradually restored

Year Initial Total
2014-15 20 75
2015-16 25 80
2016-17 25 85
2017-18 25 85

The Consent Decree was also amended.

We still need to address the Bowl/Post-Season Ban, but this is a step in the right direction.


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