Is That Even Possible?

Surfing the Internet and reading about Penn State’s upset win over the Badgers, I came across this post on Black Shoe Diaries . . .

In fact, the last time an unranked Penn State squad beat a top 20 squad on the road was….wait for it….November 21st, 1987: Penn State 21, #7 Notre Dame 20.  And that PSU squad, one year removed from a National Championship, had been ranked #15 the previous week when they were shutout, 0-10, against an un-ranked Pitt to fall all the way out of the polls. Whoops – that game was at Beaver Stadium, and there was ice in the urinal troughs.  Upon further review, the last time an unranked PSU squad beat a top 20 team on the road was November 7th, 1964.  Penn State, led by Maxwell Award winner Glenn Ressler, traveled to Ohio Stadium and kicked the snot out of Woody Hayes and the Buckeyes, who had been ranked #2 in the nation, 27-0.

That was 26 49 years ago. None of the current players 99% of innernets users had not been born.  This type of thing simply doesn’t happen very often.  Since the 1986 season, Penn State had won just 12 games out of 44 when facing any ranked team on the road, no matter PSU’s rank.  Today they’re 13 for 45.

And in case you are wondering, that game in 1964 was coached by RIP ENGLE.  Not a single unranked team in the Joe Paterno Era upset a ranked opponent on the road.  Obviously, some ranked PSU teams won on the road such as the 1987 Fiesta Bowl when #2 PSU defeated #1 Miami.  Of course, that was a bowl game with a “neutral” field as opposed to playing at an opponent’s stadium, but you get the idea.  48-14?  Beat #1 Pitt on the road, but we were ranked #11.  Ranked PSU teams could pull off the upset, but not unranked teams, at least not on the road.
Anyone have a game that disputes that?

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