THON Sets New Record!

After totals over ten million dollars in 2012 and $12.3 million last year, THON raised an unbelievable $13,343,517.33 for the Four Diamonds Fund that benefits families battling pediatric cancer.


But who gave 33 cents? 

I’m just kidding, but it reminds me of the joke about the father that finds a box full of money under his teenage daughter’s bed.  There’s a wad of bills–totaling over a hundred dollars–and a single quarter.  Since she didn’t have a job, and suspecting she had stolen it, he confronted her.  She broke down in tears and finally admitted that she took the money from guys in exchange for sex.  The father hadn’t anticipated this turn of events, and was even more upset.  Finally, looking back and forth between her and the money, he demanded, “Who gave you a quarter?!”

Still sobbing uncontrollably, she answered, “they all did, daddy!”

THANKS TO ALL WHO DONATED, and to all the students that devoted their time and energy to THON!

Here are videos of the football team and the award winning swimming team . . .


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