Don’t Forget to Vote!

The election is underway for the Penn State Board of Trustees.

I voted for PS4RS candidates Pope and Lord.  Their third candidate is Jubelirer, but I went with Ryan Bagwell.


Beware the Upward State candidates.  Joel Myers has “endorsed” that organization, and then I came across this by Tom McAndrew of BWI:

There have been a lot of comments on this board about Upward State being the preferred candidates of the BOT Executive Committee, or that Upward State was a shadow organization for some members of the BOT.

I have refrained from making any such comments, as there was never anything I could point to as evidence of any type of connection.

Well, at 9 am this morning, Paul Silvis, Vice Chair of the BOT, sent out the following:

“If you have not made up your mind yet, may I take the liberty of suggesting three candidates for Trustees for those PSU Alums who received ballot today

03 Daniel N. Cocco, ’08, New York, NY
18 Julie Harris McHugh, ’86, Ambler, PA
21 Matthew W. Schuyler, ’87, McLean, VA

The above is the exact text of the e-mail, so don’t blame me for the typos.

What is the relationship between Upward State and the BOT power bloc? I’m still not certain, but you can each draw your own conclusions.

Please vote.  A line has been drawn in the sand by Myers.  Do you want the TRUTH, or do you want to ignore the truth and MOVE ON regardless of the TRUTH?

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