Is This Thing Still On?

So . . .  how are you doing?

I’m fine, thank you.  Good really.  Really good.  Thanks for asking.

It’s been over two years since I ventured here.


Place probably needs a make-over, but that will have to wait awhile.  For now, I’m just going to ease into this slowly.  Test the waters.


A lot has happened on and off the field since I chose to stop blogging after a run of nearly fifteen years.  The assault on my blogging psyche began with the firing of Joe Paterno in 2011, his death, the sanctions, the Sandusky trial, Bill O’Brien, and ultimately the hiring of James Franklin.  Turmoil I tell you.  The blog had become more political and the posts revolved around sanctions, court trials, fairness, defending Joe Paterno . . . .

It was no longer about football.  It was no longer fun.

Over laid on that, were my personal issues.  My father passed away in the summer of 2014 and my life literally fell apart. I turned 50 the week I stopped blogging.   I was depressed.  My marriage of 24 years ended.  I’m still going through the divorce.  Nearly a year of counselling.

I’m not sure whether I am ready to return or not.  I have still posted post-game thoughts on Facebook from time to time, but not nearly the volume of posts I used to create years ago.

But after the Ohio State victory, as I was posting my thoughts on Facebook, my girlfriend asked me, “why don’t you blog anymore?”

Why don’t I indeed?

Stay tuned.



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2 responses to “Is This Thing Still On?

  1. Carolyn Todd

    I know the feeling completely. But once a writer, always a writer. Would love to hear your perspective again.

    • Howard Slobodinsky

      I have to tell you, i’ve missed your witty commentary. I was aware of your dads passing and just recently became aware of your split. I’m glad to see that you’ve found a new partner and look forward to hearing from you.

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