Powers Pranks PSU

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard or have already seen the video of Eli Manning posing as Chad Powers, a walk-on (I mean run-on, like many of my sentences) at Penn State football practice. If you haven’t seen it, behold below. And do you know you could also save 15% or more on car insurance by switching to GECKO?

I recently felt like I was on candid camera being punked when I went to get this weeks Citizen’s Bank game button.

The Penn State football team takes on the Central Michigan Chippewas this Saturday. Here is the button. Please enjoy it. I went through an ordeal to get it. I remember when you could walk into any Mellon now Citizens Bank and there would be a basket of buttons in the lobby. You could literally grab a handful. At one time when I actually had an account there, Leanne (have no idea what her last name was) would hook me up with all the buttons for the regular season before the season started so I didn’t have to make a trip to the bank every week. And she’d give me 12 for every game because I had twelve tickets and everyone could have a button. My times have changed!
I stopped to get my button today and the teller told me I had to donate a food item for the food bank. This is the fourth game and no one asked for a donation before. Pretty sure the other teller there gave me the buttons but she kept silent and looked away when I looked at her. Whatever. It’s a good cause. I pulled out my wallet and offered a couple of bucks. No. Apparently my money isn’t any good at Citizens Bank. I have to give them a can of food or other non-perishable item.
Fortunately, this bank is located in a giant eagle (not a really big bird eagle but in a GIANT EAGLE grocery store–how convenient!) and I needed to get milk anyway. So I went and bought milk and a 69 cent can of beans.
All the regular lines were busy so I entered a self checkout with my two items.
Nooooo! No beans for me! You have to have a Giant Eagle card to use the self checkout. Am I being punked? Where’s the camera??? I hardly ever shop here so I don’t have a card. And now this is another reason I won’t shop here again.
Finally got my milk and exchanged my beans for a button (kind of a reverse Jack in the beanstalk) and headed home.
Put my milk away and was all set to take the picture of my button…….do you think I could find that sucker?!?! Not in my scrubs pocket. Not in the bag. I went out to my car. Holy crap! After all that I don’t even have a button! Well I tore my car apart a second time and found it had slipped between the seat and console. I was exhausted.

But this still may be my favorite non-PSU related prank:

I had always hoped to see Joe Paterno on an episode of Undercover Boss. Maybe James Franklin will give it a try . . .


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