The Lion’s Den is a sister site for my Penn State Blog on Blogger (also called The Lion’s Den.)

I am an ophthalmologist by day, a blogger by night, and a Penn State Football Fan 24/7.

I actually went to Juniata College for undergraduate study, but I went to medical school at Penn State- Hershey.

I don’t believe Joe Paterno was a God, but I think he reported what he had to report, and was one of the few individuals–including the parents of some victims– who actually ever SAID or DID anything.  The media, NCAA, and the Board of Trustees gave him a raw deal.

And while that may seem insensitive to victims of child abuse, two wrongs do not make a right.  Just because Jerry Sandusky committed crimes against children, doesn’t mean that Penn State or Joe Paterno has to shoulder any blame.  Both have been denied due process by the media and Mr. Freeh.

Either way, I am still a fan and look forward to the James Franklin Era of Penn State football and Beyond!


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