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What in the Hell, MI happened?

Four weeks ago, the Penn State Nittany Lions were on the top of the world.  Well, almost the top.  Number 2 to be exact.  They had just defeated arch-enemy Michigan at home, in primetime, under the lights in their trademark White Out.


And then the cracks started to appear.  A road trip to Columbus was low lighted by a fourth quarter comeback by the Bucks where Penn State snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  Some people blamed it on sphincter ball.  Others criticized Joe Moorhead, who perhaps shoulder some of the blame, but quite frankly probably did not garner enough of the fame when Penn State was winning.


And while the Lions dropped to 7th in the polls, a shot at the national championship was still tantalizingly within reach.

But first, they had to get past a pesky Spartan team, themselves coming off a heart-breaking loss to Northwestern, and an earlier loss to Notre Dame, a team which seemed destined for the final four.

The weather was less than ideal.  The game was postponed.  And while the Lions sat in a locker room somewhere in East Lansing, the Buckeyes were getting pummeled by Iowa in Kinnick Stadium.

The Lions not only had an outside shot at the national championship picture, but a Buckeye loss might put them right back in the Big Ten Title race.

Apparently, we were tired of racing.

In the late hours of a long, weather delayed game–I was tired waiting–Penn State failed to convert a fourth and short–I liked the call, but not the execution.  With the game still tied, the Spartans marched toward field goal range.  And just when it looked like we stopped them short and could head to over-time, we made the critical mistake.  Roughed the passer.  Fifteen yards pushed them inside the makeable range for their kicker who split the uprights as time expired.

Game.  Set. Match.


This doesn’t mean Penn State can’t end with a 10-2 season and a decent bowl.  Given the events of the past five years, it is still amazing that we were even within sniffing distance of a Big Ten Title last year, or a chance at a National Crown this year.

So why were so many Penn State fans standing on the ledge?  Why are we so upset this season has taken such a turn for the worse?  How can we not be content to be ranked at all, and heading for a bowl game, when but a few years ago we weren’t even allowed to have such aspirations?

I think there are several reasons.

One, we really lost those games.  Teams win or lose.  Sometimes you get beaten.  Sometimes you play well and get upset.  Sometimes you make more mistakes than the other guy.  While the Buckeyes were picked by the odds makers to win (they didn’t cover by the way) Penn State was in command of that game until the final six minutes, and led up until the final 1:42.  I don’t want to take anything away from the other team’s effort, but Penn State really controlled that game for 3 and a half quarters.  It’s a tough way to lose a game.  Had we fallen behind by 14 in the first quarter and never caught up, so be it.  But to blow a lead like that was just devastating.  It’s not that we lost as much as how we lost.

With Michigan State, who knows what went wrong.  They too are a good team.  We did not play our best.  The weather was less than favorable, but both teams endured the same conditions.  We did not dominate the game.  And we did not make the plays when we needed to make them.  We made the mistake (roughing the passer.)  We might not have prevailed in OT.  Who knows?

Then, on top of losing games we really had legitimate chances to win, we essentially took ourselves out of an undefeated season and a chance to play in the playoff and the Big Ten title is off the table unless Ohio State loses TWICE to Michigan this weekend.

We were in the driver’s seat and we lost control.  Crashed and burned.

Maybe Penn State fans are spoiled.  We have had a lot of success when it comes to undefeated seasons.

According to Wikipedia, Penn State is 8th on the list of schools with undefeated seasons.  That list includes games from the 1800’s, so teams like Yale and Princeton lead the list, followed by Michigan, Notre Dame and  USC.  Harvard is on there, and Oklahoma edged us out.

If you further distill this data to the Joe Paterno era and beyond (1966-present), there have been 56 undefeated teams over basically 50 years.  You won’t see Harvard or Yale on that list, but Boise State and Utah have 2 unblemished records, Toledo has 3, Alabama has 4, but PSU leads the nation with FIVE.  Consider also that Penn State was a yard away from possibly a sixth in the 1979 Sugar Bowl, and a couple seconds in Ann Arbor away from an undefeated season in 2005.

Perhaps we expect to go undefeated, when the odds are really against teams running the table.  Statistically, about one team a year (there are currently 130 schools in the College Football Bowl Subdivision) goes undefeated.  Even if you assume two teams can go undefeated in a season, that is only a 1.5% chance of any given school being unbeaten.

Or maybe, since we have been there before, we do appreciate how precious and rare an undefeated season is, particularly in the era of football that allows forward passes!  Pitt has 8 undefeated seasons overall, but only 1 in the last 50 years.  Of Michigan’s 23 undefeated records, only ONE occurred in the last 50 years (1997.)  For the Irish, 22 overall undefeated seasons with only two in the modern era (1973-Ara Parseghian, and 1988-Lou Holtz!)  Joe Paterno alone has more undefeated seasons (5) than all but 37 schools in their entire history, which includes teams no longer in the Bowl Subdivision.

Regardless of the setbacks and disappointment, this program has come a long way, baby.  With only Maryland on the horizon, a 10-2 season is reasonably expected but not guaranteed.  With the 56-44 victory over the Cornhuskers, Penn State is now undefeated at home for two straight years . . . the last loss in Beaver Stadium was on November 21, 2015 (lost 28-16 to #12 Michigan.)  PSU is 20-1 at Home over the last 21 games!

Penn State is currently 10th in the College Football Playoff Rankings. (12th in the AP.)  Unfortunately, I don’t see any possible way for us to move up 6 spots.  Of course, If Michigan beats Ohio State, who then beats Wisconsin badly to drop them below us–Auburn could lose to Bama.  Clemson and Miami will face-off in the ACC Championship. I believe Oklahoma has a championship game as well . . . . Stranger things have happened.



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Tae Bo Tuesday

Bo Pelini, head coach at Nebraska, took his cat to their spring game.

In and of itself, not a big deal.  But he apparently took the cat through the tunnel onto the field and held Mr. Bigglesworth aloft.

Well, we can’t pass up this opportunity, can we?

Separated at Birth?

Separated at Birth?




Or maybe this strikes a familiar note . . .

Bo-feld                                  Blofeld

Bo-feld                                                                                  Blofeld



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Déjà VA All Over Again

Last season, Sam Ficken missed a PAT and FOUR field goals, as a floundering Penn State team in Bill O’Brien’s second game as PSU head coach fell 17-16 to the Virginia Cavaliers.  But Sam Ficken rebounded from that effort, set a Penn State record for consecutive field goals made, and won the Wisconsin game in OT last year with a successful kick.

But Saturday, against the Cornhuskers, it was déjà vu all over again–or déjà VA as the case would be.

Penn State scored first in a game which gave new meaning to a whiteout, as snow sprayed across the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field Beaver Stadium at times yesterday.  I don’t know if that was the coldest game I have ever sat through, but it is certainly in the top 2 or 3 if not the coldest.  I don’t know what the coldest game ever at Beaver Stadium was.  I guess you’d have to ask Lou Prato.

But the euphoria of a touchdown melted quickly, which was incredible in itself that anything could melt yesterday–did I mention it was COLD?–when Ficken dinked the extra point off the right upright leaving the scoreboard showing a 6-0 advantage.

Some fans are quick to point out that that miss “cost us the game” as it seems painfully obvious that a 21-20 score would not have gone to OT.  Au contraire.  I am just full of the French-y references today. That little bit of rocket science presumes or assumes that Nebraska would have kicked said field goal down 21-17 with a fourth and goal at the PSU one yard line.  They might have just punched the ball in for a 24-21 victory and no OT to miss another field goal.  Or they might have got a PI and a new set of downs.  Perhaps they would have still taken the three with the hope of getting the ball back, but WE DON’T KNOW THAT.  Mark Twain wrote, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

I ain’t sure we win that game if Ficken makes the PAT.  I ain’t sure we win if Ficken made the FG in OT.  Our chances certainly would have been better–but not guaranteed.  Likewise, our chances would have been better if Hack had simply RUN for the freaking first down instead of throwing a low uncatchable ball on third down.  Maybe the outcome would have been different if he hadn’t thrown another rackin, frackin, hackin, berging INT when we just moved the ball from the shadows of our goal out to midfield and seemed rolling for a score.

It is what it is.  That’s my new philosophy of Penn State football.

It has become tedious each week to dissect the mistakes and try to lay blame for each loss on some entity.  As I mentioned in the past, Penn State fans are spoiled from the glory years of the 70’s and the 80’s.  Back then we EXPECTED to win every game.  And when we failed, there must be some reason–the weather, the refs, the coaching (esp. over-used in the 2000’s), the 85 scholarship limit (now the 65 scholarship limit), the phase of the moon, the turf, the lack of sideline heaters, the B1G conference (who in some way must be responsible for all this), etc. ad nauseum.

In the final analysis, it is what it is.

We are simply not a very good team.  And that conclusion is supported by the facts of the season, and not derived from any reading of tea leaves.  Good teams don’t lose games like that. Or to Indiana.  We can sugar coat how much better Indiana is now than they used to be, but the Hoosiers have lost to the better competition in this conference, but BEAT US badly.

It wasn’t Sam Ficken that lost the game yesterday.  It was Sam Ficken and Christian Hackenberg and Allan Robinson (who dropped a catchable pass by the way) and Bill O’Brien and all his coordinators, and the guy who fills the Gatorade bottles.  It was a team effort.  And it is not for lack of trying or a lack of heart–I have seen Penn State teams in the last 15 years give up.  This team doesn’t give up.  They just don’t have what it takes right now to be competitive week in and week out.

Nebraska made one fewer mistake than Penn State.  We were on the other side of that equation against THEM.  Thank God we had some bright moments to celebrate this season.  We could be wallowing around at 3-8 like 2004.

I want to thank our seniors for an exciting game on a cold Senior Day.  I really hoped to extol about how O’Brien was undefeated in OT games and make some snarky analysis that he should treat the other four quarters like OT.  I really wanted to tell some corn jokes and make fun of Nebraska, but well, they’re stuck out there and I guess that’s punishment enough.

It is what it is.


From GoPSUsports:

FIRST DOWNS………………. 19 18
RUSHES-YARDS (NET)………… 41-168 44-170
PASSING YDS (NET)…………. 192 217
Passes Att-Comp-Int……….. 36-21-0 33-16-1
Fumble Returns-Yards………. 0-0 0-0
Punt Returns-Yards………… 3-0 3-27
Kickoff Returns-Yards……… 4-143 2-37
Interception Returns-Yards…. 1-0 0-0
Punts (Number-Avg)………… 9-45.7 11-35.5
Fumbles-Lost……………… 4-2 3-0
Penalties-Yards…………… 7-54 3-25
Possession Time…………… 29:16 30:44
Third-Down Conversions…….. 3 of 17 2 of 14
Fourth-Down Conversions……. 0 of 0 0 of 0
Red-Zone Scores-Chances……. 2-3 2-3
Sacks By: Number-Yards…….. 1-1 2-22

Penn State gained more yards, both rushing and passing, than Nebraska, forced three fumbles and recovered two of them, won time of possession by a small margin, yet lost the game.  Our defense held the Huskers to 3 of 17 third down conversions, but our offense only managed 2 of 15 conversions.  It is what it is.


I went to Happy Valley and they stole my head!

How am I going to eat this huge ear of corn?

Did I mention the game was cold?

The 98,517 listed attendance definitely included people there in spirit as well.  It was a disappointing crowd, but can you blame them?  Did I mention it was COLD?

The Drum Major stuck both flips.  He was lucky his arse didn’t freeze to the turf!

Penn State won the first coin toss and deferred.  Nebraska won the one that mattered and went on defense to start OT.

Nebraska now lead the series 9-7.  I don’t give a rackin, frackin, hackin, berging twit about vacated wins, as you probably already know.

By the way, it was COLD.


Buckeyes rolled all over the Hoosiers like a good team should, winning 42-14.

Iowa defeated THEM 24-21.

MSU pounded the Cats 30-6.

Wisconsin rolled out the barrel and buried the Gophers 20-7.

Illinois finally won a game.  Purdue hasn’t.  The final was 20-16, so I guess neither team really wanted the win that badly.

Michigan State and Ohio State have clinched their berth in the title game, with the Buckeyes having one more meaningless game against THEM, and Sparty facing the Gophers next week.


1.  Idaho–lost 80-14 to F$U.

2.  Baylor–lost to Okie State 49-17.  No BCS Title for YOU!

3.  Oregon–lost to Arizona 42-16.  Wow.  That’s just Quacked.

4.  Florida–lost to Georgia . . . wait for it . . . Southern.  Ga Southern won 26-20.

5.  Arkansas lost again.  Woo Hoo!  Bret’s da Man.  For the all you can eat smorgasbord that is.

6.  Johnny Feetsball lost to LSU.  Price for his autograph fell as well.


One game left.  The Lions travel to Wisconsin to face a team that would be tough to beat with 85 scholarship players.  The Badgers are 9-2 with losses to Arizona State and the unbeatable Buckeyes.

We’re going to lose.  It is what it is.  I feel like a Temple fan.

By Thursday, I’ll have come up with a few insane reasons why we could and might win this game, but I’ll just be full of my usual bullshit and a lot of turkey by that point.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Nittany Nation!

And thank you to Charles Shultz–a comic genius that somehow knew Penn State football!

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Weekly Game Guide: University of Farmer’s Edition

It’s Thursday night and the Golden Knights are beating the Scarlet Knights 38-14 early in the fourth quarter.

This weekend, Penn State hosts Nebraska . . . .

They are Farmers, bum ba dum bum bum bum bum!

This appears to be a game that could go either way for either team.  Penn State opened a two-point favorite and is sitting around 1.5 points as I type this.  Nebraska’s offense is ranked 45th in the country and fields a defense ranked 42nd.  How’s that for balance?  On our side of the ball, the Lions are ranked 50th offensively, and a surprising 46th nationally in defense.

The intangibles, though, lean toward Penn State . . . home game, senior day.  I think if PSU can get the running game going and minimize the mistakes (is it even possible to play a game without a fumble anymore?) they can and will win this game.  But if the defense is on the field a lot, and we make mistakes that give the Huskers field position or cost us points, senior day may not be so happy in Happy Valley.

My prediction:  Penn State wins by a touchdown.  Unless the refs review it.


Ohio State is a 34.5 point favorite over Indiana.  Can the Hoosiers make some magic?  I really doubt it, but we can dream can’t we?

Illinois faces off as a favorite over Purdue, neither of which has won a conference game yet.  That will change this weekend.  Personally, I’d like to see Purdue get the W, but my Gawd they look awful.  I don’t think they could beat an egg, in a bowl, with a mixer.  Of course, there’s no chance of that happening–they won’t be in any bowl this year.

The Spartans travel to Evanston to face a Northwestern team that also has not won a conference match-up yet.  MSU is favored by 7.  Barring a breakdown on the green and white side of the ball, I don’t think that will change this week.  GO SPARTY!

Wisconsin is a 16.5 point favorite over Minnesota.  Really don’t care who wins this one.  We’ve already mucked up the Minnesota game, and have a theoretical chance of beating the Badgers, so GO GOPHERS!  (I have a theoretical chance of winning the lottery, so keep that in perspective.)

Iowa is a 6 point favorite over THEM.  I’m okay with that.  GO HAWKEYES!

Future members:  Rutgers is losing to UCF tonight, and Maryland is a pick against Boston College.  GO TERPS!


Alabama plays Chattanooga (no line).  ROLL TIDE ROLL!

F$U is heavily favored (57 points) over Idaho.

Baylor is favored by 9.5 over Oklahoma State and hopes to jump O$U in the BCS bonanza.  The Buckeyes could beat Indiana by 1,000 and the BCS won’t care.  Sucks to be them.

Notre Dame and BYU are a pick.  GO COUGARS!

And that’s a wrap!

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Nebraska Fiasca

I have not been so angered by a group of referees since the 2005 game in Ann Arbor that marred Penn State’s nearly undefeated season.  But thanks to a poorly called–and then more poorly reviewed– play at the goal line, combined with a safety when it appeared McGloin had left the tackle box, what should have been a close game–perhaps even a Penn State win–was instead a 32-23 decision the other way that was influenced by the stripes more than the solids.

In 2005, I splintered the door frame of our house slamming the door as I stormed out.  I learned from that lesson.  I went next door to my neighbor’s house (he’s a Pitt fan) and slammed his door this time.

It’s the same old story since joining this bush league 19 years ago.  Sure, we’ll get a PI call once in a while–against Minnesota.  But name me one game changing call in favor of Penn State against THEM, O$U, Wisconsin, and now Nebraska.  Most Penn State fans can rattle off half a dozen without much thought.

Even McGloin called out the league indirectly.  From Rudel in the Altoona Mirror:

“We’ll never get that call here,” McGloin said after replays showed tight end Matt Lehman appeared to score before fumbling into the end zone with 7:39 remaining and the Lions down 27-23. “We’ll never get that call anywhere.”

Of the dozen PSU representatives brought to the visitors’ media quarters at Memorial Stadium, including Bill O’Brien, only McGloin came off like Yosemite Sam.

If calling a spade a spade is being Yosemite Sam, then McGloin should be proud to be put in that category.  The rest–O’Brien included, have to be politically correct.  But that doesn’t make it correct.

Other sources question the validity of the call, including Dr. Saturday and the USA Today.

Some fans have suggested that this is “payback” for bad calls against Nebraska in 1982.  First of all, that was before replay.  Secondly, the situation was magnified by virtue of two undefeated teams clashing for a potential National Championship.  Granted, Nebraska has a potential Big Ten Title on the line, but 2012 is hardly an equivalent scenario.  On the other hand, if Nebraska fans want to consider the debt paid for a perceived slight in 1982, so be it.  We are even.

But if the Big Ten has any integrity left, it would be well served to fire the replay booth official who made this atrocious call.

Yet, despite the thievery of nine points in favor of the Huskers, Penn State continued it’s disconcerting trend of playing a great first half, but then following it with a dismal performance in the second act.  Penn State actually led this thing 20-6 at the half, but was outscored 26-10 (although only 3 points actually counted) in the second half.

Why is this?

Under the Paterno regime, stale coaching, stubbornness, conservatism, and strength and conditioning were always trotted out by arm chair quarterbacks on Sunday Morning.  But you certainly can’t accuse this coaching staff of being stale, stubborn or conservative.  And while I think our defense did whither in the heat against Ohio, I honestly believe that was the fault of the offense that couldn’t move the ball and give the defense a rest.  Even well-conditioned athletes can have problems when they overdo things in high heat and humidity.

So now we must create some new excuses, as the old ones simply don’t apply.  Are O’Brien and Roof simply poor at adjusting at halftime?  The evidence seems to point that direction.  Yet there were games, such as Northwestern, when we seemed to do better in the second half at adjusting than our opponent.  We had no problems with Purdue or Illinois coming back in the second half of those games either.

Also keep in mind that this group of coaches does not have the players that they recruited for their system.  They have also lost key players to defections, particularly on offense.  And strength and conditioning changes may take several seasons to see optimal results.

In the end, nothing will change.  Maybe there isn’t a conspiracy against Penn State.  Maybe there isn’t even a bias against the Nittany Lions.  Maybe it is just part of the game and bad luck of the draw.  If that is the case, than these things tend to equal out over time.  And if that is really true, then Buckeye, Wolverine, Badger and Husker fans better get prepared for a couple of decades of bad calls against them when playing Penn State.  I have a feeling they are not all that worried.

And if you are looking for a silver lining in all this . . .Nebraska’s win hurts the wolverine’s chances of getting into the title game.  That’s not a bad thing right there.


From GoPSUsports:

I said before this game that Penn State would need to do better on third down conversions (we did not) and control time of possession (we did not) to beat Nebraska.  We also needed to control their running game (we did not) which would be a key factor in their conversions and ability to control the ball.  The end result . . . we lost.  The bad calls certainly didn’t help.


Nebraska won the toss and deferred.  By taking the ball in the second half, PSU should have chosen which direction they would have the wind in the fourth quarter.  O’Brien either chose to go with the wind in third thinking he could add to their lead, or he made a bad choice, having PSU play into the wind in the fourth.  I didn’t see too much made about this, but the wind certainly seemed stiff and could have been a factor.

Penn State is 7-8 all time against Big Red.

The crowd was 85,537.  Nebraska continues their record of sell-out crowds dating back to the 1300’s.


The league is hell-bent on a Nebraska-Wisconsin match up and that is all but assured, unless the cornhuskers fail against Minnesota or Iowa, which is not likely.

THEM came back against Northwestern, with a Hail Mary-esque pass with seconds remaining to kick a tying field goal.  They prevailed in OT.  How can you let a receiver make that catch?  Take him out.  Take the fifteen yards.  They still wouldn’t be in field goal position–or at least it would be a longer kick.  Poor decision by the defensive back or safety.  The wolverines won 38-31.

Wisconsin pounded the Hoosiers into submission 62-14 and pretty much sealed up the asterisk filled Leaders division.

Purdue beat Iowa 27-24.  Did anyone notice?  Or care?

Minnesota beat the Illini 17-3.


1.  Alabama–beaten by the Aggies 29-24.  Thanks for playing.

2.  College Football–the Irish inch to #3 on the Bama loss like a worm crawling through dead meat.

3.  Louisiana-Lafayette had a punt blocked and returned in the waning seconds to lose to Florida.

4.  Miami (FL) lost to Virginia 41-40


Indiana.  Beaver Stadium.  Whatever.  Refs will probably blow a call in our favor and call it even.  Shitheads.

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Statistically Speaking: Corn Field Edition

Looking at the NCAA stats for Penn State and Nebraska . . .

NCAA Stats Comparison
Category: Penn St. Nebraska
Rushing 85 6
Passing Offense 37 79
Total Offense 55 17
Scoring Offense 62 20
Rushing Defense 26 87
Turnovers Gained 42 72
Passes Had Intercepted 8 70
Pass Defense 43 5
Net Punting 118 78
Punt Returns 92 24
Kickoff Returns 113 63
Turnover Margin 14 106
Fumbles Recovered 20 53
Passes Intercepted 68 80
Fumbles Lost 20 116
Turnovers Lost 7 110
Passing Efficiency 57 33
Pass Efficiency Defense 22 8
Total Defense 26 31
Scoring Defense 14 54
Fewest Penalties Per Game 42 80
Fewest Yards Penalized Per Game 60 102
Punt Return Yardage Defense 115 103
Kickoff Return Yardage Defense 72 62
Offense Third-down Efficiency 49 43
Offense Fourth-down Efficiency 58 20
Defense Third-down Efficiency 53 37
Defense Fourth-down Efficiency 26 26
Tackles for Loss 72 31
Offense Tackles for Loss 1 51
Pass Sacks 27 20
Pass Sacks Allowed 35 69
Time of Possession 27 60
First Downs 36 21
First Downs Allowed 26 28
Red Zone Efficiency 89 28
Red Zone Efficiency – Defense 7 43
Average NCAA Rank: 46.59 52.32
Weighted Avg. Rank: 46.58 43.67

The weighted stats give extra “weight” to categories like total offense and total defense, while putting less emphasis on categories like Fewest Penalties per game. Straight up, PSU has about a 6 rank point edge over Big Red.  That disappears to a deficit when weighted.  Does that mean anything?  Probably no more than any other statistic you can throw out there.

I think the key match-up for us will be our rushing defense against their rushing defense.  Nebraska’s ability to move the ball will be dependent on whether our offense can control the time of possession, whether we can force Martinez to pass (put them in third and long if possible) and whether Rex Burkhead is back and is back 100% or not.  In other words, keep the Big Red O off the field, and when they are out there, force them into passing situations.

Both teams are statistically similar in total defense and third down efficiency on offense.   I believe Penn State will have to be better on third downs than Nebraska to win this game, barring some big plays.  Better third down efficiency keeps drives alive, keeps their defense on the field, and wins time of possession.  You are also more likely to score if you control the ball longer.

This game may come down to some intangibles.  Obviously, the Huskers have the home field advantage and have not lost at home this season.  Yet.  They also have more to play for . . . a berth in the Big Ten Title game.  But, that may be to our advantage, as they also have more to lose than we do.  That could allow us to play looser and gamble more.  They may be more conservative and play tight.  Of course, I could be full of crap, and unfortunately, this latter scenario is more likely.

Let’s go with Penn State 35 (all TDs, no FGs) and Nebrask 31.  Sounds like a plan?  And don’t we love it when a plan comes together?

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Weekly Game Guide: Feeling Corny? Edition

The under .500 Va Tech Chokies are down 13-10 to F$U in Blacksburg.  The Seminoles are favored by 13.5 points.  What the heck!  GO HOKIES!  Do the Hokie Pokie!

Penn State travels to Lincoln (the city, not the vampire hunter) to take on the Huskers.  Nebraska is favored by a TD.  Mark May picks Nebraska.  Nuff said.   GO STATE!  SHUCK the HUSKERS!

Is she feeling Corny?

This weekend in the Big Ten:

Wisconsin has a huge game against Indiana . . . in football.  Who would have ever thought that was even possible?  But with OSU and PSU locked out of the post season festivities, this game could determine who goes to Indy.  The Badgers are favored by 7.  With PSU out of the title picture, I’m fine with Indiana playing for a Big Ten title.  GO HOOSIERS!

The Northwestern Wildcats travel to Ann Arbor to face THEM.  The wolvereenies are favored by 9.5.  GO CATS!

Iowa is favored by 5 over Purdue.  Will there be any (Danny) Hope after this season?  This is a must win for the Boilers and their coach.  Iowa has been up and down all year.  GO BOILERS!

Minnesota is favored by 3.5 over Illinois.  I’m okay with that.  GO GOPHS!

Michigan state and Ohio State have byes.

In games of previous opponents:

Bowling Green handed the Bobcats their second loss of the season last night, winning 26-14.  How did we lose that game?  Oh, to be able to do that one over again!

Navy is favored by 2 over Troy.  GO NAVY!

Temple is an 8.5 dog to Cincinnati.  GO OWLS . . . but good luck with that!

Virginia is favored by 1 over Miami (FL).   Seriously?  Whatever.  GO CAVS!

In other games of remote interest:

Alabama will be tested by Texas A & M.  The Crimson Tide is favored by nearly two TDs.  Roll Tide Roll!

Can BC party like its 1993?  The Irish aren’t ranked #1, but they are undefeated and favored by 19.  GO EAGLES!

K State is favored by 7 over TCU.  GO WILDCATS!

Oregon is favored by 28 over Cal. That’s just fine.  We don’t want anyone ahead of Notre Lame in the BCS standings to lose.  GO DUCKS!

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